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TAKEO SUZUKI is a producer, DJ, sound engineer, photographer, and art creator who is active in a wide range of fields, including music and art. His roots are in the soundtracks of films from the 1970s in America, Europe, and elsewhere. From there, he began listening to foreign rock, pop, new wave, soul, jazz, and other genres, and started playing the guitar and performing in bands. He was deeply impressed by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music, which inspired him to use synthesizers and sequences in music production and recording techniques, starting work as a composer and arranger for commercials and game music.

Later, he was influenced by Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Adrian Sherwood, and Alex Paterson, among others, and began incorporating ambient music, various club music, and ethnic music into his production activities, becoming a beat maker, DJ, and sound engineer for the club jazz unit “O.M.U.” He released his first CD from the Japanese Columbia Triad label and made his debut.

As a result of this first CD, he signed with Germany’s 99 Records and released the full album “o.m.u. / o.m.u.” He invited a diverse range of guests from Japan and abroad to record at his home. The album was released worldwide and he was invited to the large-scale Swiss jazz festival “JAZZ not JAZZ,” where he received high praise for his live performance and DJ skills.

After temporarily leaving the music scene, he began working as a digital content creator, VJ, web director, and photographer. In recent years, he has resumed his music activities and has consistently released Original works on YouTube, Bandcamp, and other platforms.

Today, in addition to music production, he is active in a wide range of fields, such as photography, video production, and art creation. His works have a unique worldview that blends diverse music, art, and culture, and have attracted attention from around the world. He aims not only to make music, but also to connect people through music and make the world a better place.

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I use my stage name, PSYCHELIDEC, PRINCIPAL, Roger8, SUZUKI8, TASKEN,etc. in addition to my real name, TAKEO SUZUKI, for several different activities.

By the way, my hobbies include listening to various genres of music, music production and performance, reading (from serious books to comic books), art making, photography, graphic design, and camping.

The sound files of the club jazz units I was a member of in the past are available. (MP3 files are available for free)

Other copyright-free background music is available on Audiostock.

TASKEN Audiostockページ
TASKEN Audiostockページ