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Junk Box

I produce all kinds of music every day, but I often have a certain amount of sound sources that I don’t use and just keep in folders. We have made the sound source available for free download.

Some of the sound sources are half-finished, such as motifs that are still in the process of being produced, and some that are still very rough mixes, but I thought they were interesting in their own right, so I decided to release them.

You can download it immediately by clicking the “Download” button. *Many of them are in rough condition, and the file names are also rough.

By the way, it is copyright-free and commercial use is possible, but please refrain from secondary use (such as changing the name and selling it).

Junk Track (MP3 / 320kbps)


A demo of the fictional rock band “Machiyahara Krakens” that I created a long time ago. Although it is in a rough mix state, I think it can be used for videos. It’s a short demo, but it could be used as an opening for a video.

“first regret”

Spacey guitar-based track

“Ukulele and Kalimba”

Heartwarming track of ukulele and kalimba

「rain in september」

A dramatic and refreshing track with a somewhat melancholy atmosphere.

「Whispers of toys」

A cute truck that looks like a toy world

「in a dream」

A track with a floating feeling that makes you feel like you are wandering in a dream.

「Rain Drops」

Calm atmosphere on a rainy day. TAKEO is doing something vocal-like.

“The Natural Brothers”

Chemical Brothers-like techno track

「an active morning」

House music with a light atmosphere

“Let’s make it together”

A track that looks like an educational program for children and I don’t remember why it was made.

“Chill Electronica”

Chill electronica track

“Synth Trance”

Trance music without a beat with only synth arpeggio phrases

“Non-Beat Transformer”

non-beat trance music

“Dark Rock”

dark alternative rock

「Dark Arc」

Fast tempo dark techno

「Are You Ready?」

Fast tempo dark techno part 2


hardcore breakbeat techno


quiet piano track


Glitch beat only track

If you use it in a video, I would be very happy if you could send a comment to my X (formerly Twitter) account saying that you used it in a video like this.

X @takeosuzuki_en