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Original T-shirts designed by TAKEO SUZUKI are sold on an e-commerce site called SUZURI in Japan.SUZURI items can also be purchased from overseas.Purchases from overseas are made via WorldShopping, a cross-border purchasing agent service.*This is a different service from SUZURI. First, please access the store on the YouTube channel or click on the items displayed on the video page.Once the overseas buyer finds the item he/she wants on SUZURI, he/she will go through the purchase process at "WorldShopping" or "Bibian". The operator of the cross-border purchasing service then places the order on SUZURI and ships the received items to the overseas buyer. https://www.youtube.com/@takeosuzuki_electronic/store Purchase via "WorldShopping" 1 - When you open the SUZURI items page from overseas, you will see…


I have opened an original goods store on my YouTube channel "TAKEO SUZUKI Electronic music"! https://www.youtube.com/@takeosuzuki_electronic/store I wanted to try out YouTube's shopping feature, so I opened a shop on SUZURI and applied to YouTube.Today my application was approved, so I'm finally able to open my store!I'm so happy that the content on my channel is steadily improving.Please be sure to check it out!


A shop for my contemporary art works expressed through T-shirts. I also sell T-shirts with the album art of my released albums. https://suzuri.jp/takeoartt